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SCADA / Supervisor controll and data aquisation

This is the high end of the plc market and for those customers who either what to have one central control point and therfore require visualisation and data to be presented at one local point or are required by law i.e. chemical industry / pharmicutical that need to keep records / record batches / keep receipes/ record all alterations this is the route

A scada package can consist of one local pc acting as a server or you can have a system where you have one server and a number of clients connecting to that server  i.e. operator plant pc enables the operator to run the plant while the production manager pc excess the main server for the latest production figures all at the same time EMS has gained experience in a number in the leading Scada software Platforms 

With modern software packages you can also be able to access you plant over the internet either from a managers point of view or from a maintenace breakdown

Allen Bradley RSView
Siemens WinCC